Welcome to Axis Jiu Jitsu UK

Axis Jiu Jitsu UK is a full-time Brazilian Jiu Jitsu academy located in Cambridge. We are open to all from those who have never tried martial arts before to those seeking a high level of technical instruction. Training with us can help improve fitness, self confidence, focus, and help you gain or lose weight as well as giving you the ability to defend yourself. The techniques you will learn are practical and can be used in a real self defence situation.
We encourage training without ego and learning in a relaxed, friendly yet competitive environment. We stay true to the theory that our jiu jitsu favours technique and efficiency of movement over brute force, and will not tolerate any aggressive attitudes or disrespectful behaviour in our classes. Respect is earned here through dedication to training and a friendly and polite attitude inside and outside the dojo.

Equip yourself with the ability to effectively defend yourself; the techniques to excel in competition; achieve self-discipline; a healthy body and mind; and great friends along the way.