Classes are open to all levels of experience and ability. Complete beginners are welcome and will be looked after! Classes typically consist of a warm up including jiu-jitsu specific exercises followed by technique learning, drills and technical sparring.
Training is in a Gi (the traditional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training outfit), which are available to purchase. If you don’t have a Gi then loose, tough clothing without zips etc (which you are not worried about being damaged) can be worn such as a tracksuit and t-shirt. Please remove all jewellery and ensure your personal hygiene is acceptable – finger and toe nails to be kept short.
Please wear shoes or flip-flops the entire time you’re off the mat (even in the changing room) to minimise bringing harmful bacteria onto the training area that may cause staph infection.


Monday to Friday: 7pm – 8.30pm, all levels welcome
Saturday: 11am – 1pm, open mat

Classes cost £7 each or you can pay monthly according to how many classes per week you wish to attend. Please speak to Philip for details.