Classes are open to all levels of experience and ability. Complete beginners are welcome and will be looked after! Classes typically consist of a warm up including jiu-jitsu specific exercises followed by technique learning, drills and technical sparring.
Training is in a Gi (the traditional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training outfit), which are available to purchase. If you don’t have a Gi then loose, tough clothing without zips etc (which you are not worried about being damaged) can be worn such as a tracksuit and t-shirt. Please remove all jewellery and ensure your personal hygiene is acceptable – finger and toe nails to be kept short.
Please wear shoes or flip-flops the entire time you’re off the mat (even in the changing room) to minimise bringing harmful bacteria onto the training area that may cause staph infection.


Monday to Friday: 7pm – 8.30pm, all levels welcome
Saturday: 11am – 1pm, open mat

Classes cost £7 each or you can pay monthly according to how many classes per week you wish to attend. Please speak to Phil for details.


“In three months of BJJ instruction with Phil and everyone at Axis, I learned more about real fighting and self defence than I did in five years of tae kwon do.” – Jake Cheung